Expected Results

We expect the following results for the SPERO project:

  1. Integrated platform (HW and SW) for satellite and in-situ observations, and derivative products for disaster management, managed by ROSA and accessible to legally mandated organisations;
  2. “Mirroring” Copernicus satellite data and advanced search and access opportunities, CDI organizations receiving direct support to ensure and facilitate access to satellite data;
  3. Tool for recording, viewing, processing and reporting events / disasters, current and historical, to create a reference database of crisis / disaster situations;
  4. Innovative services for the analysis, assessment and monitoring of emergencies / natural disasters (e.g., floods, drought, landslides, earthquakes, security, space events, search and rescue, extreme weather phenomena etc.) delivered by project partners through the DIAS type architecture of the proposed system;
  5. Tools for management and system integration of Galileo search and rescue alerts;
  6. A component for in-situ observations based on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) equipped with in visible / thermal optical / video cameras for the provision of real-time information from disaster areas;
  7. Governance model (coordination, roles, responsibilities) of the system;
  8. Recommendations to ensure sustainability and future evolution of the proposed system.