No.The services defined in the project proposalResponsible
1Drought service: will allow you to view certain drought indices, animations regarding their evolution over time, multi-year probability maps of the drought phenomenon.P4 – TERRASIGNA
2Flood service: will allow to view situation maps, maximum flood extension, impact analysis of the event.P4 – TERRASIGNA
3The landslide service: will allow the visualization of georeferenced maps of terrain deformation.P4 – TERRASIGNA
4Earthquake service (real-time and post-crisis): will allow real-time visualization of earthquake alerts by integrating with the service provided by INCD-FP and viewing reference and situation maps, deformation maps.P4 – TERRASIGNA
5Service for extreme weather phenomena: real-time visualization of extreme weather alerts taken from the national authority or from (The Network of European Meteorological Services – EUMETNET).P2 – UTI
6In-situ observation service (UAS): will make the prototype of an in-situ observation component, based on unmanned aerial systems (UAS), equipped with an optical / video camera (visible, thermal), which will simulate the intervention / evaluation damage to a flood-type disaster; a module for mapping and generating 3D models, innovative techniques and algorithms for the automatic processing of video data according to the operating mode of the UAV platforms and the management of the support infrastructure.P3 – ACTTM
7Spatial weather service: nowcasting bulletins will include information on photosphere, chromospheric and coronal solar activity, solar wind characteristics at the Earth’s orbit, and estimation of increased geomagnetic activity with implications on life and activity on Earth according to a defined international scale.P6 – IAAR
8Space Surveillance Service: an all-sky network of cameras will be installed in the NW part of Romania and will allow the detection of meteorites and / or the remnants of satellites and carrier steps to reconstruct their pre-atmospheric orbits.P6 – IAAR
9The “Search and rescue” service – Galileo: interfacing the system with the authorized centers for using the Galileo SAR service. Testing on various SAR situations will be performed to evaluate the signal detection from an equipment such as distress beacons but also the location accuracy.P5 – ISS
10Security service: analysis and planning for the coordination of humanitarian interventions on the ground and airports in major crisis situations, zoning mapping services and assessment of the areas affected by various disasters.P7 – ATM